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foredoom / обрекать, предопределять, предрешать
doom, foredoom
predetermine, ordain, foreordain, predestinate, predestine, foredoom
predetermine, foreclose, decide beforehand, forejudge, foredoom
имя существительное
predestination, predetermination, election, preordination, foredoom
condemn beforehand to certain failure or destruction.
the policy is foredoomed to failure
Now what are the chief objections to modern science, which foredoom it to failure and justify Occultism in decrying it?
Biology is no guarantee of a happy parental experience, and adoption doesn't foredoom one to an unhappy experience.
To require the accused to show that the conduct of his or her defence was prejudiced would foredoom any application for even the most modest remedy where the material has not been produced.
It is one thing to say that the population pressures may harm some human individuals; it is a very different thing indeed to say that they foredoom to failure all devices for improving the lot of the great mass of mankind.
Being outgunned need not foredoom you to being outfought.
The Confederacy was probably foredoomed at its birth.
But to redefine fundamentals so endowment policies are now foredoomed to underperform equity markets is not in investors' interests and is arguably no business of the FSA.
The attempt to resurrect capitalism in Russia foredooms it to the role of a second-rate power.
Perhaps the most visible impact of this process of routinisation is a lack of sensitivity and engagement that foredooms many programmes to failure.
For the strident opposition to gun ownership that characterizes the antigun lobby foredooms the cooperation that is essential if better controls are to be enacted and obeyed.