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foreclose / исключать, предрешать, лишать права пользования
exclude, rule out, eliminate, delete, expel, foreclose
predetermine, foreclose, decide beforehand, forejudge, foredoom
лишать права пользования
foreclose, interdict
take possession of a mortgaged property as a result of the mortgagor's failure to keep up their mortgage payments.
the bank was threatening to foreclose on his mortgage
rule out or prevent (a course of action).
the decision effectively foreclosed any possibility of his early rehabilitation
They were about to foreclose on the property; the government was not going to put any more money into the property.
Having the bank foreclose on you must be one of life's more unpleasant experiences, especially if you have measured your success and place in society by the pile of things you own.
He is broke, and, unless he can find a way to make his mortgage payment, the bank will foreclose on his house.
Some banks try not to foreclose on farms because some owe so much money and if they foreclose on the farm the amount of money they get back is nowhere near as much as what they lent to the client.
The Depression threw millions out of work and forced banks to foreclose on thousands of home mortgages.
When the bank attempts to foreclose on her family home, Regina receives a lucrative job offer from Beth Davis, her former employer and an increasingly popular inspirational speaker with an almost cultlike following.
Greenwalt says community associations should never foreclose on a home without notifying the owners and making a concerted effort to resolve the issue.
Those arrears amounted to about $31,000 and the debt collector had therefore acquired a lien on the property and wanted to foreclose on it.
When the drought hit and Sally Field had no crops and no income, the bank had to foreclose on her farm.
When this happens, there is a huge incentive to just let the mortgage holder foreclose on the home.