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forecast / прогноз, предсказание
имя существительное
forecast, prognosis, prediction
prediction, divination, forecast, oracle, prognostication, augury
predict, prophesy, forecast, foretell, divine, soothsay
foresee, anticipate, forecast, envisage, foreknow, divine
имя существительное
a prediction or estimate of future events, especially coming weather or a financial trend.
Together the two firms can provide financial forecasts for virtually every listed company in the world.
predict or estimate (a future event or trend).
rain is forecast for eastern Ohio
coal consumption is forecast to increase
They may not have forecast a Congress-led victory, but at least they got the trend right.
As Chieftian John is now hoping for is fine weather, and the forecast is promising.
We had a huge crowd and the weather was on our side when you consider the forecast .
the birth rate is forecast to decline
Hopefully the positive forecast Peter holds for the future will prevail.
The finance director's role becomes important when a forecast is wide of the mark but this is rare.
coal consumption in Europe is forecast to increase
For one thing, a forecast is just that: a calculated best guess about what the weather is most likely to do.
the forecast is bad for the weekend