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foreboding / предчувствие, предвестник беды, плохое предзнаменование
имя существительное
anticipation, feeling, premonition, presentiment, foreboding, hunch
предвестник беды
плохое предзнаменование
foreboding, foretoken
имя существительное
fearful apprehension; a feeling that something bad will happen.
with a sense of foreboding she read the note
имя прилагательное
implying or seeming to imply that something bad is going to happen.
when the doctor spoke, his voice was dark and foreboding
(of a situation or occurrence) act as a warning of (something bad).
this lull foreboded some new assault upon him
The trinity of terror and their still plentiful outlaw army rode between the cascading waters and into the bat filled womb of darkness leading to a network of ominously foreboding caves.
Only the King remained seated, yet there was fear in his dark, foreboding eyes.
Christianity in the United States is at a dangerous and foreboding crossroads.
A side who had trooped off with a sense of foreboding against the Swedes somehow re-emerged five nights later, entirely recuperated and forming an unrecognisably more confident unit.
It is a bleak, imposing and foreboding building, made of huge blocks of black stone.
Then she stepped beyond the threshold of the dark and foreboding hole in the mountain, and turned on the lights at each side of her helmet.
He walked closer until we stood side by side staring out at the almost foreboding dark horizon.
I could feel a sinking sense of dread and foreboding .
White and a pale sort of foamy green swirled together on the walls, and the doors were dark blue, ominous and foreboding pits that threatened to cave in before bad news.
The colorful scenes tend to be counterbalanced by some dark and foreboding sets, and many shots feature subdued lighting that tends to strain shadow detail.