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forcible / насильственный, принудительный, веский
имя прилагательное
violent, forcible
forced, mandatory, coercive, compulsory, positive, forcible
weighty, strong, valid, solid, powerful, forcible
имя прилагательное
done by force.
signs of forcible entry
Democracy is obviously more desirable than a dictatorship, but that does not justify any forcible change by an external power.
This regulation could well mean forcible conscription into the armed forces.
This would include both lethal attacks on soldiers of those nations or members of those military organizations, and, once the members surrender or are disarmed, their continued forcible detention.
In his strongest and most forcible performance from the podium, Mr Sargent succeeded in putting across two key messages.
A key provision in the Act criminalized knowing membership in an organization that advocated the forcible overthrow of the government, and imposed a penalty of up to twenty years of imprisonment.
A lawyer pointed out that there was no sign of forcible entry into the camp.
No ‘consent’ can deprive a parent of his or her natural guardianship rights and obligations, either, especially if they were coerced through threats of forcible removal.
The Army should maintain a vertical assault capability for forcible entry operations.
But non-government organizations decried the forcible evictions as inhumane, urging the government to build replacements for their demolished houses.
Secondly, there is the fact that some force was used but that force was within the range of force that can be inherent in the case of forcible rape.