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forceps / щипцы, пинцет, хирургические щипцы
имя существительное
forceps, tongs, pliers, pincers, nippers, snuffers
tweezers, forceps, pincers, pair of pincers, pincette, pinchers
хирургические щипцы
forceps, crowbill
имя существительное
a pair of pincers or tweezers used in surgery or in a laboratory.
‘The tools we use in making these pictures are very simple - just a pair of forceps , scissors and some glue,’ Liu said.
a forceps delivery
He published papers illustrating discontinuous variation in floral symmetry and in terminal forceps of earwigs and the hornlike processes seen in certain male beetles.
Births are routinely induced and some would say that Caesareans or forceps delivery are unnecessarily common.
I went with him to his clinic and there found on the operating table a lady whom they had tried, unsuccessfully, to deliver with forceps without anaesthesia.
It is mandatory to avoid excessive traction on the foetal head during a forceps delivery;
Titanium forceps also offer durability, which extends the working life of the instrument.
Assisted vaginal delivery comprised both forceps deliveries and vacuum extraction.
When the doctor comes he tells him that there are two options: a forceps birth or Caesarian.
The rate of forceps delivery was 12 percent with epidural compared with 3 percent with intravenous meperidine.
Greek surgeons used various types of knives, syringes and forceps as surgical tools.