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force-feed / кормить насильно, принудительно кормить
кормить насильно
принудительно кормить
force (a person or animal) to eat.
He would keep the upper one open sometimes; talking to me, watching me, force-feeding me bits of food.
Toddlers from the age of 18 months have a real surge of independence, and food can become a battleground, so resist the urge to force-feed your child.
The US government were co-conspirators with the media, who wanted to force-feed us a Joan of Arc.
no group has the right to force-feed its beliefs on her
In a protest against the British activities throughout Ireland, Ashe went on a hunger strike in Mountjoy Prison where the authorities attempted to force-feed him.
Since the right does not require the aid of government to force-feed our views down the throats of an unwilling public, enacting this legislation is the ultimate win-win situation for Republicans and the rest of the right.
By saturating the airwaves, candidates and news directors could force-feed information to all but the few Americans who eschewed TV altogether.
The mother made me literally force-feed him, shoving puréed food into his mouth as he cried piteously in feeble protest.
‘For the most part, they put them in isolation and threaten to force-feed people,’ Kateel said.
It is time for a diet of sanity in New Zealand politics, and we will force-feed it to the doctrinaire weirdos over there on the Government benches as soon as they fly the white flag.
We ask those who force-feed geese and ducks to stop carrying out this abusive practice.