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forbid / запрещать, возбранять, не позволять
forbid, prohibit, ban, disable, disallow, inhibit
forbid, prohibit
не позволять
forbid, keep out
refuse to allow (something).
environmental laws forbid alteration of the coast
He is forbidden from participating in future role plays and he was disciplined for being ‘inappropriate’.
Four rangers from the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Authority enforce laws forbidding damage to the reefs.
Church leaders could face prosecution if they refuse to ordain practising homosexuals under new laws forbidding discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation.
the cliffs forbid any easy turning movement
The order also forbids him from spitting, throwing, harassing, distressing, alarming, assaulting, intimidating, threatening or abusing anything or anyone, or provoking others to do so.
The Central Propaganda Department and the Provincial Party Propaganda Department have issued orders to forbid you from reporting this.
He was also forbidden from contacting her or going within a quarter of a mile of her house.
Bent on establishing a biracial society, Southern whites passed strict laws forbidding interracial marriage, naming the issue of such unions illegitimate.
Jewish law forbids the use of the name of the holy rabbi for profit.
I mean, okay, he forbids me to eat anything pickled and/or mayonnaise based.