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forbearance / снисходительность, терпимость, воздержанность
имя существительное
condescension, indulgence, leniency, forbearance, lenience, forgiveness
tolerance, toleration, forbearance, indulgence, liberality, leniency
forbearance, abstention, chastity
имя существительное
patient self-control; restraint and tolerance.
forbearance from taking action
And crown thy good with compassion and restraint and forbearance and a commitment to peace, to democracy, to economic justice here at home and throughout the world.
If we are asking for forbearance from our patrons then we must show our commitment to them.
A gentleman, he's serious, polite, professional, even forbidding at first, emitting an air of patient forbearance .
If we have not learned a lesson of forbearance from studying the rise and fall of the Langford campfire myth, we surely must learn it from the ghosts of Kaibab deer and Chief Seattle.
We would ask road users to show forbearance and patience.
Travel widens horizons in more ways than one, and makes people wiser and more mature, besides developing the qualities of tolerance and forbearance .
He too joined in the thanks and compliments to the count staff and thanked the candidates and their agents for their courtesy, patience and forbearance throughout a long and arduous process.
We thank all riders for their patience and forbearance .
In moral philosophy, feeling shame has generally been considered a natural disposition or sensation, and the fear of incurring it an universal motive for action or forbearance from antiquity onwards.
Relief of pain must be balanced by our understanding of the moral education which illness can supply, evoking courage, forbearance and patience.