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fop / щеголь, фат, хлыщ
имя существительное
dandy, fop, beau, gallant, swaggerer, elegant
fop, coxcomb, dude, dandy, jackanapes, exquisite
dude, fop, popinjay, coxcomb, smart aleck, smarty
имя существительное
a man who is concerned with his clothes and appearance in an affected and excessive way; a dandy.
The fops and dandies had no interest in war and concentrated instead on their seraglios.
When we met I thought Sam was a ridiculous fop and he considered me an unsophisticated oaf.
Unfolded is the tame story of Reginald, a fop , who wants only Patience, the village milkmaid.
He's the Premiership's favourite boo-boy; a lightning rod for trouble and a preening fop who revels in his rep as the man they love to hate.
Terrific, now you look like a fop and folks won't have high expectations of you today.
This doesn't mean you ignore it or paper-it-over or become an agreeable fop - or worse, live everything at the whim of your child.
It's like saying that no Scots actor can do a Wilde, or a Coward, or a Restoration fop .
Second, any man so concerned and fussy about the details of a tooth-pick case is definitely a fop , a dandy.
The act made him appear too much a fop for Emma's liking.
He is a silly and superficial man, a fop or coxcomb.
Small, slender and neat in jeans and a polo shirt, the suited dandy seems to have been washed away by the rain, though his floppy hair still has something of the fop about it.