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footwork / работа ног, ловкое маневрирование
имя существительное
работа ног
ловкое маневрирование
имя существительное
the manner in which one moves one's feet in various activities such as sports and dancing.
he speaks with other boxers, stopping to comment on punching angles and footwork
He has been hitting early every day and has worked on his footwork to improve his defensive play.
a deft piece of footwork
the company had to do a lot of nimble footwork to stay alive
Cirillo changed his footwork in an effort to stride more into pitches and calmed the bat movement above his head.
The defensive player must use good footwork and keep moving to avoid being pinned for a layup.
This teaches them footwork , spin moves and getting used to using their bodies.
He impressed coaches with his strength and even impressed some of his teammates with his footwork .
Barron must work on his footwork , positioning, punch and overall technique to excel.
His legs suddenly allowed him to move faster and his footwork became a pattern, energy flowed into his legs and caused him to sprint faster.
Molina focused on shortening up his footwork and his arm action when he makes throws.