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footsie / заигрывание, флирт
имя существительное
flirting, footsie
flirtation, dalliance, footsie, beguin
имя существительное
the action of touching someone's feet lightly with one's own feet, especially under a table, as a playful expression of romantic interest.
he was playing footsie with Mara under the table
All that lip-wrestling in the conference room, footsie in the canteen and fumbling in the office toilets is coming back to haunt workers in the UK.
he was playing footsie under the table with Mara
He's noticed the very indiscreet game of footsie underneath the table, probably because Stephen just kicked him thinking that was Jules' foot.
Then a follow-up after treatment with expensive drug X shows her playing open-sandaled under-the-table footsie with her more adoring boyfriend!
Having sat at the table alongside the immortals, hearing their words while watching their games of footsie , Vidal is a sort of reflexive reductionist.
he was playing footsie with Mara under the table
So, little by little, she slid her foot forwards towards Josh's and prepared herself for what she hoped would be a successful game of footsie .