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footprint / след, отпечаток, след ноги
имя существительное
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, scent
imprint, print, mark, stamp, impression, footprint
след ноги
footprint, step
имя существительное
the impression left by a foot or shoe on the ground or a surface.
She walked away, her shoes leaving footprints on the lightly snow covered ground.
the area covered by something, in particular.
Its four storeys would cover the same footprint of the factory, but would not be at a higher level.
When we enter, we are daunted by the great height of the room in comparison with its modest footprint .
So to sum up we've got a very good OS that's a pleasure to use, and that you're going to think just about justifies the vast hardware footprint .
So shrink your carbon footprint and find out more.
Digital cable is available virtually throughout its footprint , although just 183,000 customers have signed on as of March 31.
The new service, once consumer-driven, has expanded its footprint to include public safety networks and municipal applications.
Third, it has a small footprint , saving space in the data centre.
To achieve a workable space, the floor of the arcades that covered the footprint of the theatre was demolished.
But the real selling point for this printer is its space-saving footprint .
Consolidation also reduces facilities and device maintenance expenses through the reduction of the storage footprint and optimization of physical device usage.
Over the coming weeks I will be discussing with my colleagues in Scottish Development International how best to enlarge our footprint in what is a market of massive significance.