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footplate / подножка, площадка машиниста паровоза
имя существительное
step, footboard, running board, footstep, footplate, trip
площадка машиниста паровоза
имя прилагательное
footplate, of engine
имя существительное
the platform for the crew in the cab of a locomotive.
IN 1969 notices went up in rail depots across the nation asking for volunteers to work on the footplate of steam locomotive Flying Scotsman during a forthcoming promotional visit to the US.
You simply stepped onto the footplate at the rear which was only about a foot from the ground.
It was kept in the signal box at Barnoldswick Junction, handed up to the fireman on the footplate as the train passed and handed back when it returned.
The pair were standing on the footplate of his locomotive.
When due for shopping, they can give an exciting ride, far from appreciated on the footplate .
The royal train will be travelling under steam on the Settle-Carlisle railway line and there are strong rumours that he will don overalls and take to the footplate , driving a steam train over Ribblehead Viaduct.
That shot from the footplate supposedly heading eastwards was quite definitely taken travelling in the opposite direction.
He stood on the footplate at the rear of the train and held on for seven miles as the train reached speeds of 60 mph.
We also see Bar Convent schoolgirls fulfilling every schoolboy's dream by standing on a locomotive's footplate .
From tomorrow until February 20, Thomas is taking a break from his branch line to visit the Museum, where young people will be able to stand on the footplate of the ‘Really Useful Engine’ and meet some of his friends from the Island of Sodor.
The most appealing of these grades is indisputably the footplate workers, with signallers running second.