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footnote / сноска, примечание, подстрочное примечание
имя существительное
footnote, note, reference
note, footnote, remark, notation, annotation, comment
подстрочное примечание
имя существительное
an ancillary piece of information printed at the bottom of a page.
If the income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flow make up the core of a company's financial information, then the footnotes are the fine print that explains this core.
add a footnote or footnotes to (a piece of writing).
But in a phone interview, Troy says that under current academic standards it would be ‘unacceptable’ if a student did what Simon did as a part of his coursework without footnoting the book or putting it in his bibliography.
I'd held all the top civil service jobs, but here was an opportunity to play a political role, and there was an odd chance that we would make a success of it, in which case I would have a footnote in India's history.
And with the exception of some of the larger states, New York, California, and Texas come to mind, no matter how effective or ineffective a governor is, he or she tends to be a footnote in history.
The bottom footnote provides general information about certain nutrients.
Their names will probably be a mere footnote in the annals of Polish air force history, but they're fully aware of the key roles they played in assisting their NATO counterparts to take a giant leap forward.
While still an important footnote in the careers of many of today's talented, well known black artists, it just won't make room for the truly funny elements to shine through.
Matthew skipped down to the bottom of the page and read the footnote .
The US stock market shut for a few days, which was considered extraordinary at the time, but constitutes a mere footnote now.
I was a footnote to motion-picture history at best.
The body of the footnote is then presented elsewhere, typically at the bottom of the page.
this incident seemed destined to become a mere footnote in history