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footman / лакей, пехотинец, ливрейный лакей
имя существительное
footman, lackey, flunkey, flunky, lacquey, menial
infantryman, peon, footman, foot-soldier, foot-slogger
ливрейный лакей
footman, flunky, livery servant, flunkey
имя существительное
a liveried servant whose duties include admitting visitors and waiting at table.
An army of servants - maids, footmen , cooks and gardeners - made the luxurious lifestyle of the family possible.
a soldier in the infantry.
When you signed up, you were asked where you wanted to be, cavalry, archery, footmen , swordsmen, smiths.
a trivet to hang on the bars of a grate.
a slender moth that is typically of a subdued color, the caterpillar feeding almost exclusively on lichens.
She didn't allow pariah boys to attend her school for native children because even in England it would not do for a gentleman's son to attend the same school as his footman 's son.
As a minor footman in her slave army, it fell to me to clean the bathroom.
A footman helped Lord and Lady Grey in, then the two younger Grey sisters.
A liveried footman was walking away from his front door as Croft rode by.
She climbed onto the bench next to the driver, while the footman helped Lady Mary into the cab.
‘My Lady,’ the footman said, giving Ky a much-needed hand down.
The footman and coachman atop of the carriage were not wearing the black and red uniform of this Country, like Loraine's men, but a uniform that was a light blue and black.
There were no liveried footman doffing their hats and opening glass doors with gloved hands.
I saw how your guards, your coachman and your footman were driven off today.
Coaches were not only expensive to purchase, but they were costly to maintain as they required a liveried servant to drive them and had a place for a footman .