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footling / пустяковый
имя прилагательное
trifling, paltry, insignificant, footling, picayune, dinky
имя прилагательное
trivial and irritating.
year after year you come with the same footling complaint
engage in fruitless activity; mess about.
where's that pesky creature that was footling about outside?
But I have to say that I won't be detained by footling objections of this kind.
He lists the erosion of liberty with enough precision to make objections to his flippancy seem footling (and based on straightforward political hostility).
Yet here we are, hours later, arguing footling amendments, ridiculously trivial rubbish, that the so-called famous chairman of the select committee, all on his own behalf, changes the number, and all the rest of it.
It's fox hunting all over again - I cannot think of a more footling way to judge an author's ability than by the attention he pays to a particular social class.
At work, I am confronted with students engaged in every form of self-destruction, from frittering away their time on footling hedonism, to literal self-laceration and suicide attempts.
But such complaints seem footling in the face of such a grandstanding display.
Still, these are footling changes, and most of the text remains commendably unimproved.
Unfortunately the analyses of actual music are pedestrian and footling .
It may be reassuring to some Americans to think of our country as above the community of nations and beyond the footling machinations of minor states.
Don't abuse the privilege of having my cell number by wasting my valuable time on this kind of footling nonsense.