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footing / опора, положение, фундамент
имя существительное
support, prop, reliance, bearing, mainstay, footing
position, location, situation, provision, state, footing
foundation, basement, base, groundwork, footing, substructure
base, basis, reason, bottom, foundation, footing
прочное положение
foothold, footing, standfast, perch
имя существительное
a secure grip with one's feet.
he suddenly lost his footing
the basis on which something is established or operates.
attempts to establish the store on a firm financial footing
the bottommost part of a foundation wall, with a course of concrete wider than the base of the wall.
But because they are some distance away from the older basement walls and footings , there was no shoring of existing foundation required during construction.
pay (the bill) for something, especially when the bill is considered large or unreasonable.
Contrary to international law, it will be the world that foots the bill, estimated at $50-60 million.
cover a distance, especially a long one, on foot.
the rider was left to foot it ten or twelve miles back to camp
The bar established a sound footing for further expansion.
The society is therefore urging the government to place animal welfare on an equal footing with public safety by sanctioning their recommendations.
Suddenly I lost my footing and I fell on top of him making him fall off the chair.
They will be asked by officers to consider transferring the museums and galleries service to a trust but the report says it can only be done when they are on a firm financial footing .
Alex lost his footing , hit the ground, and rolled to a stop.
I waited until I had my footing firmly on the ground and stopped getting thrown against the stall walls.
When he regains his footing , he starts walking to the door.
By then, all customer and geographic restrictions for foreign banks in China will be removed, putting them on an equal footing with Chinese banks.
Check the depth of the step with your foot to confirm your footing for balance on the stairs.
Spinning the young boy lunged at the mast pole, stifling a cry as he felt his feet lose footing as he was dangling over the dark gaping ocean.