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footgear / обувь, чулки и носки
имя существительное
footwear, shoes, footgear
чулки и носки
footgear, footwear
boots are the best footgear on rough terrain
Children who have been naughty awake to find their footgear filled with coal instead.
As program managers design and redesign our combat vehicles, clothing, and equipment, they must not forget the footgear .
Later his feet grew hard to the trail, and the worn-out footgear was thrown away.
Symptoms may be severe enough to seriously affect a person's gait and choice of footgear or activities.
We have to collect headgear, uniforms, footgear , and other items used by our soldiers today, before it is too late.
His favourite footgear for mountain walking was gymshoes.
For the span of a half an hour, I had toiled at my footgear with the cotton of a wet sleeve on a tunic, as the others were cooking the meal.
This is footgear for expedition kayakers who need to scramble over rough country.
Proper footgear for the Confederate infantry was in shortest supply.