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footfall / поступь, звук шагов
имя существительное
tread, step, pace, footfall, footstep, going
звук шагов
footfall, steps, footstep, step
имя существительное
the sound of a footstep or footsteps.
you will recognize his footfall on the stairs
the number of people entering a store or shopping area in a given time.
consumer goods shops lost footfall during sunny weekends
It's served its purpose which is increasing footfall in the area.
The DDDA is hoping that the CHQ scheme will help increase footfall in the IFSC area after traditional office hours.
The operation will have to be suitable for opening seven days a week in order to encourage footfall into the area.
Once opened, it will play a key role in increasing footfall in the area after traditional office hours.
you will recognize his footfall on the stairs
Increasing footfall in this area of O'Connell Street is another major aim of the IAP.
We have no other way of knowing how many people come into town to shop other than these footfall figures.
you will recognize his footfall on the stairs
there has been a much higher footfall this year than last
The latest analysis of footfall on Dublin's prime shopping streets shows that the number of shoppers is slightly down on the same period last year.