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footboard / подножка, изножье, запятки
имя существительное
step, footboard, running board, footstep, footplate, trip
имя существительное
an upright panel forming the foot of a bed.
Two circulating nurses, working together, placed two footboards at the foot of the OR bed.
a board serving as a step up to a vehicle such as a train.
Commuters have to travel in trains crammed full to the lowest step of their footboards in morning and evening rush hours.
Then she looked up and laughed as Atlikan fell onto the bed next to her and stretched his long legs out, his feet touching the footboard .
‘Those who habitually travel on the footboard are difficult to handle and sometimes I have to warn them,’ says Sangeetha.
Stepping up on the footboard , he applied gentle pressure to her arm.
It has skillful carving of a lion on the headboard and the footboard .
His black jacket was hanging over the footboard to his bed, a string tie draped over it, and a white shirt was laid out on the coverlet.
It also discourages the dangerous habit of footboard travelling.
Andy complained, giving the footboard a knuckle-knock.
Dirt and discomfort apart, there are the eve-teasers and jokers doing their acrobatics on the footboard who stick out as the sore-thumbs.
A crowded bus with college boys hanging on to the footboard stands next to her.
The headboard and footboard were of the same wood as the dresser and nightstand.