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football / футбол, футбольный мяч, актуальная проблема
имя существительное
football, soccer, association football, socker, footer
футбольный мяч
football, pigskin, leather, soccer-ball
актуальная проблема
issue of the day, football
имя прилагательное
football, soccer
имя существительное
a ball used in football, either oval (as in American football) or round (as in soccer), typically made of leather or plastic and filled with compressed air.
But, when you are carrying one of the footballs or the soccer ball, you can be tackled.
Two great goals with a sprinkling of sparkling football at times lit up an entertaining opening 45 minutes.
The QB rarely will pick up a football until training camp and will play sparingly in the preseason.
There is, and always has been, a tradition of entertaining football at Celtic which I'm sure will never change.
The way Mike dealt with his injury was the turning point for our football team.
This marvellous facility is home to soccer, football and hurling clubs and a training ground for local athletes.
The Shapiro model is something Ohio's professional football teams should follow.
I got the feeling later that day and the next that Parcells likes the looks of his football team.
They blooded some new players and over the season they provided some wonderful entertainment and brilliant football .
the use of education as a political football
senior football