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footage / метраж, длина в футах, расстояние в футах
имя существительное
длина в футах
расстояние в футах
имя существительное
a length of film made for movies or television.
film footage of the riot
size or length measured in feet.
the square footage of the room
film footage of the riot
Just seeing the Hurley footage on a big screen is enough to make your jaw drop.
Detectives have been studying CCTV footage which shows two boys in the area about the time of the attacks.
He then attempts to clear his name after footage of the incident is broadcast worldwide.
Having subsequently watched television footage of the incident, Williamson apologised to the referee for criticising his decision.
His Royal Highness will see original film footage , personal accounts and awe-inspiring photography.
Glued to our television screens we saw the same raw news footage played, then replayed.
Do academics as a rule occupy a greater square footage than, say, solicitors or accountants?
Most of this feature includes behind-the-scenes video footage of the crew working and goofing off.
the square footage of the room