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foolscap / шутовской колпак, формат бумаги
имя существительное
шутовской колпак
foolscap, cockscomb
формат бумаги
imperial, atlas, emperor, crown, demy, foolscap
имя существительное
a size of paper, now standardized at about 13 × 8 (or 13 × 15.75) inches (300 × 200 [or 300 × 400] mm).
a stack of foolscap paper
several sheets of foolscap paper
One writer swears by always writing longhand in foolscap paper in fluorescent orange colours.
There will be about ten sides of foolscap paper, including perhaps half a dozen game reports.
Her CV, hand scrawled in a bi-tel across nine pages of A4 foolscap is a terribly poignant autobiography.
a stack of foolscap paper
Always he wrote on the back of foolscap paper, the front of which was filled with an early draft of a section of one of his books.
I would write six sides of this big foolscap with tiny lines.
One day I gave her a chapter on four foolscap sheets.
She took foolscap paper, turned and folded it to form page spreads, and sewed it to hold the sheets together.
While he was doing so, one of his friends got a foolscap page, drew the TV3 logo on it and stuck it onto the screen.