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foolproof / надежный, понятный, безопасный
имя прилагательное
reliable, secure, safe, solid, sound, foolproof
clear, understandable, obvious, comprehensible, intelligible, foolproof
safe, secure, sure, foolproof, healthy, innocent
имя прилагательное
incapable of going wrong or being misused.
a foolproof security system
It all adds up to an almost foolproof mechanical length measuring system that Les says produces excellent results.
Now, no one wants the president assassinated, but the reality is no security is foolproof .
It's a pretty complex system with some safeguards, but not foolproof , as you know.
True, democracy and the rule of law provide no foolproof security guarantee.
However, this is not a foolproof system as not all marketing firms are signed-up.
Companies that can offer safe and foolproof connections stand to rise to the top.
I am writing to assure you that my operation is completely safe and foolproof .
Come up with a foolproof security system and stop other men like you from stealing priceless works of art.
Now we need to make sure that the system is as foolproof as possible.
See that your dive boat has a foolproof checking system, whether in the form of a roll-call or an effective tagging system.