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fool / дурак, глупец, дура
имя существительное
fool, stupid, idiot, goof, mutt, softy
fool, imbecile, coot, blockhead, gander, dunce
fool, goof, gull, bubble, have a game with
deceive, cheat, kid, fool, spoof, delude
имя прилагательное
stupid, silly, foolish, fool, dumb, dull
reckless, foolish, unreasonable, foolhardy, rash, fool
имя существительное
a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person.
what a fool I was to do this
a cold dessert made of pureed fruit mixed or served with cream or custard.
raspberry fool with cream
trick or deceive (someone); dupe.
he fooled nightclub managers into believing he was a successful businessman
имя прилагательное
foolish or silly.
that damn fool waiter
And either there aren't any facts or else I can't keep them in my fool head.
What none of our fool leaders have thought about is the fact that you never tell the enemy what you are going to do.
I know the manor, but not well enough to know the workings of my fool brother's mind.
The fool assassin had found out too much, hadn't he?
If I promise you that, will you go away and stop risking your fool neck to Kevon's temper?
A chickpea purée called fool is eaten at breakfast.
That things had changed I discovered in my usual fool way.
That's a bad solution when taking out one fool will accomplish the same thing.
It was a foolish, late-night idea powered by a little too much alcohol, and a few soppy fool tendencies.
It's a nice little job on the side; since I'm the picture taking fool might as well put it all together in a good package.