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foodstuff / пищевой продукт, пища
имя существительное
пищевой продукт
food, nutrition, meat, diet, nourishment, foodstuff
имя существительное
a substance suitable for consumption as food.
The assumed relation between purchase of foodstuffs and food consumption is probably reasonable.
the people depend on sago starch as a basic foodstuff
Remember that pasta is not a staple foodstuff when it's completely al dente.
A long-handled spoon helps to savour the foodstuff in small and leisurely mouthfuls, in true connoisseur's style.
The strike had a severe impact on grocery stores nationwide, with many lacking the most basic foodstuffs .
Basic foodstuffs such as sugar, flour and cooking oil have disappeared from supermarket shelves.
When empty do not use this pack to store foodstuffs , it says.
We have been mentioning the shortage of basic foodstuffs in the stores of Zimbabwe.
The January price increase affected rice, milk, meat and cheese, among other foodstuffs .
Even in Haflong, the markets are grappling to supply adequate foodstuffs .
Manufacturers regularly added chalk to bread and more unsavoury unnatural ingredients to other foodstuffs .