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foodie / гурман
имя существительное
gourmet, foodie, gourmand, gastronome, gastronomist
имя существительное
a person with a particular interest in food; a gourmet.
The activists want all cruelty to animals stopped; the foodies want the best food money can buy.
he is an avid foodie and successful restaurateur
As regular readers may know, I'm quite a foodie - I love food and drink, enjoy cooking, love buying food and eating good meals.
This attitude makes me worse than a foodie snob - I'm a foodie writing snob.
Spotting other foodies and restaurateurs eating there too is a good start.
Gourmet joints would rather treat foodies to a fresh flush of exotic scents, swivelling sounds, wavy hues and crispy accents.
In part, it's an upmarket deli with the sort of food labels that make foodies purr with contentment.
Both are avid foodies , and would like a choice of places to eat out at night.
Hurst House is a private social club for foodies and uses food bought and prepared fresh each day.
For example, farmers should be foodies , eager to sell a ‘food experience’ to their customers, he said.
Some foodies readily dismiss the taco as either mundane or common or even both.