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font / шрифт, купель, источник
имя существительное
font, type, print, letter, fount, printing type
font, baptistery, baptistry
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, font
имя существительное
a fount.
they dip down into the font of wisdom
a set of type of one particular face and size.
And it's all in a teeny weeny eye-straining font .
Keep water in the font as a reminder of baptism.
They are and should remain the font of wisdom for all humanity.
With good reason, they had come to believe that the path to freedom ran through the baptismal font of the Reformed Church.
In looking at the photocopies, he said, ‘I really felt we could not definitively say which font this is.’
For the Canaanites, the world-pole was the Mountain: the wild place sacred to the gods, the font of lifegiving water.
The font , the church, the altar and the pulpit were all consecrated in turn and the ceremony ended with a Candlemass procession.
Be the all-knowing, absolute font of authority and wisdom.
At the appointed moment, we gathered round the ancient stone font to witness the baptism.
Over the years the state has been central to the theology of economics just as the established church was the font of all knowledge in Catholicism.
And I kinda liked your red crayon-scrawly powerpoints - what font is that?