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foment / разжигать, подстрекать, раздувать
foment, fuel, fan, fire, whip up, whet
instigate, incite, encourage, abet, goad, foment
blow up, fan, blow, stir up, distend, foment
имя существительное
лечение припарками
fomentation, foment
poultice, fomentation, cataplasm, foment
instigate or stir up (an undesirable or violent sentiment or course of action).
they accused him of fomenting political unrest
bathe (a part of the body) with warm or medicated lotions.
Foment the limb with cloths immersed in a strong decoction of hops, and repeat two or three times a day.
If the mediascape is not open and pluralistic, these viewpoints may leave the democratic sphere and foment violence.
They could use their combat skills to foment a violent revolution.
The working class must reject all such attempts to foment nationalist sentiments in the name of defending the welfare state.
He told the Post that military action would foment a political crisis in the Middle East, which, he said, could ignite the rise of radicalism.
Likewise, religious extremists who foment violence should have their speech restricted.
The question, of course, is ‘Will he foment violence?’
But the government is surely watching, aware that Internet discussions can foment unrest.
The fairies created fairy dust to foment , or stir up trouble.
Nuclear weapons research went on, but beyond the public gaze and without any open attempt to foment jingoism or gain political mileage.
It is used to foment fear and political disorientation as a means of pushing through policies that were previously politically unthinkable.