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folly / глупость, безумие, безрассудство
имя существительное
stupidity, folly, foolishness, silliness, absurdity, imbecility
madness, frenzy, insanity, folly, lunacy, distraction
recklessness, folly, desperation, temerity, foolishness, rashness
имя существительное
lack of good sense; foolishness.
an act of sheer folly
a costly ornamental building with no practical purpose, especially a tower or mock-Gothic ruin built in a large garden or park.
The monument to the seventh Earl continued the tradition of follies and garden buildings begun in the 18th century.
a theatrical revue, typically with glamorous female performers.
the Ziegfeld Follies
There was also a folly and a burial ground, so all in all more sinister than friendly, in my opinion.
By an act of unthinking folly I used them as an example yesterday.
Ruins themselves are reminiscent of purpose-built folly gardens of the eighteenth century.
Apart from formal diversity, the symbolic and cultural role of the folly is also important.
Several folly towers and temples once formed part of the landscape at Emo.
That act of folly summed up 30 minutes of dire rugby, but also seemed to spark Scotland into some semblance of life.
‘It would be folly to abandon a national asset unless we were sure it had outlived its usefulness,’ he says passionately.
But one man's notion of a masterwork may be another's idea of a folly .
This is an enormous folly on behalf of the government.
It is home to a folly tower, called the Summer House, built to commemorate the Reform Bill of 1832.