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follower / последователь, толкатель, адепт
имя существительное
follower, disciple, adherent, cohort, pursuivant
pusher, follower, tappet, lifter
adherent, follower, disciple
имя существительное
an adherent or devotee of a particular person, cause, or activity.
a freethinker and follower of Voltaire
a person who moves or travels behind someone or something.
Whereas before he had counted twenty-six followers behind the armoured barbarian, now he saw only twelve.
Unfortunately for his follower , even the shadows did a poor job of hiding him.
Just as the shadow of his follower makes itself present from Lee's position, he prepares himself for a possible fight.
I yelled down at him and Ben glanced over his shoulder seeing our follower a mere ten steps behind.
a freethinker and follower of Voltaire
He became a loyal follower of Gandhi, whose defiant campaigns of non-cooperation he supported.
he is a keen follower of football
She ran as fast as she could and heard clearly behind her, her follower 's footsteps.
The sound of her follower 's car was quickly approaching from behind.
I stopped and looked around me, glancing behind to make sure that my follower was lost somewhere out there in the wilderness.
Later that day, however, she gave him the money and became a devoted follower .