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follow-up / проверка исполнения, дополнительное сообщение
имя существительное
проверка исполнения
дополнительное сообщение
имя прилагательное
expletive, follow-up
имя существительное
a continuation or repetition of something that has already been started or done, in particular.
The follow-up question was contingent upon the answer to the first question.
Patients with melanoma require close follow-up because they are at risk for recurrence and diagnosis of a second primary tumor.
Patients should be able to participate in treatment and long-term follow-up .
Another limitation of this study is the short follow-up period.
They are also planning a follow-up to their successful and widely-publicised street hockey protest on Commercial Drive.
He is launching a new show, Twelfth Night: the Musical, at the Edinburgh Festival, as a follow-up to Zipp!
And they often get lost to medical follow-up because they don't need medical follow-up .
In addition, the number of reprimands decreased during both treatment and follow-up observations.
Seven patients underwent follow-up testing after 3 months of bosentan treatment.
Early withdrawal from the assigned treatment or loss of follow-up occurred in 29 patients.
Children and adults with PKU require follow-up care at a medical center or clinic that specializes in this disorder.