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folkways / нравы, народные обычаи
имя существительное
morals, mores, moral, manner, folkway
народные обычаи
имя существительное
the traditional behavior or way of life of a particular community or group of people.
a study of Cherokee folklore and folkways
a study of Cherokee folklore and folkways
Furthermore, the mores and folkways of our culture, the small and mundane actions of our lives, still reflect a patriarchal bias.
During primary socialization we absorb basic knowledge about our society's values, norms, folkways , and mores.
The urban folkways of New York City, for all its highly cultivated habits of historical amnesia, have strong linkages to the distant past.
And if you'd like to learn more about the Anglo-Saxon roots of American folkways , I highly recommend Albion's Seed.
May provides examples of friendliness, helpfulness, and camaraderie, and she documents specific folkways , expressions, and customs.
The history of U.S. military doctrine describes a rough evolution from these folkways toward its contemporary forms.
In order to meet her goals, she must abandon Celtic folkways , join organizations, and raise money from many sources.
Hurston's ethnography of African American folklore and folkways was published in 1935.
One rarely considers the fact that the Ivory Tower is its own sort of reality, with customs and folkways that would befuddle the most conscientious anthropologist.