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folio / фолио, фолиант, лист
имя существительное
sheet, leaf, plate, folio, blade
имя существительное
an individual leaf of paper or parchment, numbered on the recto or front side only, occurring either loose as one of a series or forming part of a bound volume.
‘Restored and put under glass, the folios could be gingerly handled, and it was possible to photograph all the pages,’ he said.
At folio 23, your Honour, the date is 26 February.
The action continues on the facing folio , another full-page miniature, this time divided into two registers.
The prints were published in the Cabinet du Roi, a series of folio volumes with illustrations of the artistic and scientific triumphs of the reign.
Do I find in the appeal book the folio which is said to record the estate or interests of the appellant?
And that's without me looking at the folio size books.
She dedicated her lavish folio volume, in large print, to her brother-in-law, Sir Charles Cavendish, in gratitude.
Only once before, in the 1616 Jonson folio , had an English dramatist's plays appeared in collected form.
These were engraved in two sizes: folio , and a smaller series as book illustrations.
Johnson's magnum opus was published in two folio volumes in 1755.
So it was that on 15 April, 1755, the two huge folio volumes went on sale for four pounds and ten shillings a set.