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foliage / листва, листья, лиственный орнамент
имя существительное
foliage, leaf, leafage, frondage
лиственный орнамент
foliage, crocket, foiling
имя существительное
plant leaves, collectively.
healthy green foliage
He's seen roses with good flowers but bad foliage, good foliage but bad flowers.
The foliage , some based on plants seen in the botanical gardens, some imagined, is amazing.
At the centre of each flower are grey-blue stamen and the plant forms a compact mass of foliage and flowers.
Virginiles already have adult foliage and a taproot, but lack generative organs.
Spent flower stems can be removed as well as dead leaves but leave healthy foliage to die back naturally.
Fresh grass broke through the dead foliage , and bright green buds hung on the branches.
To avoid plain green foliage syndrome it is worth experimenting with varied foliage plants.
Snowdrops are best moved just after flowering when there is still plenty of green foliage .
He added that the council may be able to plant foliage to make the rocks look better.
The foliage is a bluish green while the flowers open white, with a mass of yellow stamens.