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foist / всучить, всунуть
foist, shove, impose, stick
pop in, foist
impose an unwelcome or unnecessary person or thing on.
don't let anyone foist inferior goods on you
he attempted to foist a new delegate into the conference
don't let anyone foist inferior goods on you
He's patient and doesn't foist his presence on anyone, but rather waits for them to acknowledge him as a companion.
But protesters say planners are foisting essential services on to the proposed development so eventually it will have to go ahead.
Take That, the group responsible for foisting him into the public consciousness, have announced an 11-date comeback tour next year.
It foisted an unnecessary holiday on all Government schools, certainly an outrageous concession that nobody deserves and demands.
The constitution allows for a democratic procedure, rather than foisting a candidate on an association from the central party.
Speaker after speaker slammed the council over the way it was perceived that they foisted the traveller family into the community.
He accuses Mr Behnam of foisting his opinion on others.