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foil / фольга, рапира, фон
имя существительное
rapier, foil, smallsword, sword, dueling sword
background, ground, context, fond, foil, field
tear, pluck, tear off, frustrate, disrupt, foil
emphasize, stress, underline, accentuate, underscore, foil
служить контрастом
foil, serve as a foil to
имя существительное
the track or scent of a hunted animal.
a setback in an enterprise; a defeat.
metal hammered or rolled into a thin flexible sheet, used chiefly for covering or wrapping food.
aluminum foil
a person or thing that contrasts with and so emphasizes and enhances the qualities of another.
the earthy taste of grilled vegetables is a perfect foil for the tart bite of creamy goat cheese
a leaf-shaped curve formed by the cusping of an arch or circle, typically occurring in groups of three or more in Gothic tracery.
prevent (something considered wrong or undesirable) from succeeding.
a brave policewoman foiled the armed robbery
If scarcity doesn't foil the restitution effort, public opinion could.
For large cutouts, copper foil is used as a temporary backing to hold the enamel in place.
Harrison gulps with the point of the foil at his throat.
When trying to foil any pest or nuisance animal, learn about its habits, likes, and dislikes.
The illustration shows a parry similar to the French foil parry of fifth.
I had read about this kind of sword before - a Rapier - a dueling foil - a child's toy.
There is more to foil the car thief's attempt.
The flow lines are compressed, and the pressure beneath the foil is increased.
On a baking sheet lined with aluminium foil spread out the seeds.
With women finding themselves pushing their way up the social ladder, husbands are now okay with playing the perfect foil .