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foghorn / туманный горн, сирена, пронзительный голос
имя существительное
туманный горн
siren, buzzer, mermaid, foghorn, hooter, syren
пронзительный голос
имя существительное
a device making a loud, deep sound as a warning to ships in fog.
The ship's foghorn sounded mournfully into the mist.
Mr Davis said he sounded the foghorn and they shouted for help.
In contrast, though, the foghorn blast from a lighthouse is one of the most hellish things on Earth.
‘Joy’ links a fluttery jungle beat with a distorted bass line that sounds like nothing so much as a foghorn .
Leadri screamed in his ear, her voice not that far from the sound of a foghorn .
The horn would sound like a miniature foghorn that had caught a bad cold.
And it all happens at once, to the ear-splitting sound of an eight-headed foghorn and the ringing of a phone.
After this fun, a foghorn sounded to signal the beginning of a ‘self-guided’ walking tour.
My voice, although it was smaller than that of a mouse, sounded like a foghorn in the sterile silence of this place.
After a vessel-rattling blast of the foghorn , your boat moves out, opening up a view of the city that is just plain thrilling.
The ship's foghorn sounded mournfully into the mist.