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fogbound / задержанный туманом
имя прилагательное
задержанный туманом
имя прилагательное
unable to travel or function normally because of thick fog.
A sizable section of the French team was fogbound on the Faroe Islands yesterday.
A sizable section of the French team was fogbound on the Faroe Islands yesterday.
All this was a result of inclement weather and a fogbound Wellington Airport.
I got to know the fogbound salmon towns of Oregon and Washington - Moclips, Sekiu, and Tillamook - and I heard the stories of his trips to Prince Rupert and to Kodiak.
All 29 people on board helicopter ZD576 died when it ploughed into a fogbound hillside.
I waited there like a fogbound ship looking for the flash of a lighthouse, some sense of direction, a beacon to steer by.
In its own insidious way, the movie exerts an oneiric pull, as hypnotic as the sight of Skull Island from the deck of the fogbound Venture.
It was mid-November 1816, when Lord Byron, accompanied by his friend John Hobhouse, first stepped off a gondola onto the damp and fogbound flagstones of the Grand Canal.
Episode 1 begins in fogbound East London, with Coal Hill School teachers Ian and Barbara concerned for the welfare of one of their brightest students.
And though much of the Peruvian seaside is often chilly, treacherous and fogbound , the country's ruling class has seen dollars in a wave swept shore.
According to Wratten's article, the Chinook was ‘some 15 seconds from the fogbound lighthouse and perilously close to steeply rising ground that was also shrouded in cloud’.