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foetus / плод, зародыш, эмбрион
имя существительное
fetus, fruit, offspring, growth, foetus
fetus, embryo, germ, nucleus, egg, foetus
embryo, fetus, germ, foetus
утробный плод
fetus, foetus
имя существительное
an unborn offspring of a mammal, in particular an unborn human baby more than eight weeks after conception.
A small subset of fetuses with large lung lesions will become hydropic, deteriorate rapidly, and die in utero.
Some men have even tried to prevent women having abortions on grounds that the unborn foetus belongs to them.
After the eighth week of pregnancy, the developing baby is called a foetus .
Those who favour abortion cannot accept that a foetus is a human being, exactly the same as a new born baby is a human being.
Developing fetuses , pregnant women, and young children are especially vulnerable.
Use a barrier contraceptive the first month: female fetuses may be adversely affected.
It just happens that she helps a lot of women to abort their unborn fetuses .
Cowley remembers her mother curling up into a foetal ball, unable to recognise anybody till an injection was administered.
Joe groaned aloud as the pain crept through his body and he doubled up into the foetal position and pulled the blanket closer.
Alcohol enters the fetus readily through the placenta and is eliminated by maternal metabolism.
It was perceived that they were the African women who could carry a fetus to full term.