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fodder / кормовой
имя прилагательное
stern, aft, feed, fodder, pabular, pabulary
имя существительное
feed, food, forage, fodder, feed-stuff, nutrition
fodder, forage, feed, provender, feed-stuff
корм для скота
задавать корм
feed, fodder, hand-feed
имя существительное
food, especially dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock.
The lower level is used to house livestock, fodder , food, and firewood, while the upper story holds the living quarters.
give fodder to (cattle or other livestock).
Irish livestock hauliers make use of staging posts to ensure that animals are rested, foddered and watered at regular intervals.
Farmers need a helping hand with assistance for the transport of fodder , livestock and water.
Either of these would make excellent narrative fodder , but I fear exposure through specific disclosure and the spectre of losing my job.
Meanwhile, I am glad that I am fodder for computational linguists.
The drying up of food, fodder and feed will eventually affect milk production.
While ‘love’ has been a favorite fodder for poets and playwrights, scientific efforts have been less prolific.
This would also provide tremendous fodder for analysis of the social networks implicit in links.
Wines produced on the shores of Lake Garda are often regarded as tourist fodder by lovers of serious Italian rossi.
The trees inhibited the growth of fodder for livestock, and many peasants destroyed or crippled the oaks in their fields.
Will the paper - provisionally called The World - ever become more than fodder for media columns?
Lucky for us, scientists are providing ample fodder .