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foam / пена, мыло, море
имя существительное
foam, froth, scum, lather, head, spume
soap, foam, lather
sea, water, waters, waves, blue, foam
foam, cream, froth, effervesce, scum, seethe
foam, froth, lather
покрываться пеной
foam, mantle
быть в бешенстве
foam, foam at the mouth
имя существительное
a mass of small bubbles formed on or in liquid, typically by agitation or fermentation.
a beer with a thick head of foam
form or produce a mass of small bubbles; froth.
the sea foamed beneath them
Victims are sprayed with coloured foam and dragged off stage.
Thick foam , gel pads, and extra linen increase the distance between the patient and electrode and should not be used.
The waves sank in a general rush of foam , and for a moment the liquid was still.
Plastic, foam or rubber thongs are completely casual, but can be worn off the beach nonetheless.
Speaking of which, please turn in all your unopened MRE's that have bubbles or are covered in foam .
Once the rubber and mounting foam have been cut, the stamps are glued to a wooden mound and are ready to impress!
Kachel said cast members do wear special kneepads made of foam compressed to a quarter-inch inch thick so as not to show under their unitards.
Instead of old-fashioned, high-dose liquid, doctors inject foam directly in to the swollen vein.
At the point where the waste water entered the brook, there is a thick layer of foam .
They make a decent café au lait that's served in a glass and topped with a thick, lip-sticking foam .