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flywheel / маховик, маховое колесо
имя существительное
flywheel, flyer, flier
маховое колесо
имя существительное
a heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine's momentum and thereby provide greater stability or a reserve of available power during interruptions in the delivery of power to the machine.
These are the ones with a fixed wheel and a heavy flywheel with loads of centrifugal force.
He said the 41 ft long steam engine, with a flywheel 14 ft in diameter, was in very good condition.
On one occasion the doctor was driving down St Aubyn Street when the flywheel came off, cartwheeled away and was lost.
Lie, cheat, fix the rules, buy influence and ensure, always ensure, that a government's political outlook fits like a flywheel to your corporate machine.
The system uses a 120-pound flywheel that is powered by electricity; once power is cut, the flywheel continues to spin using its own momentum.
They also make engine parts for automobiles; the broken part, such as a flywheel or cog, serves as the imprinted pattern for casting the solid core.
A lighter flywheel , electronic throttle and stiff driveshaft are designed to make response as quick as possible.
These are the ones with a fixed wheel and a heavy flywheel with loads of centrifugal force.
In a momentary outage, the flywheel may eliminate the need for the batteries to take on the load at all.
I'm not an advocate of external balancing, which puts a portion of the required counterweight on the flywheel and balancer.
A flywheel can supply power for only a short time, about one minute at most.