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flyover / эстакада
имя существительное
overpass, trestle, flyover, skyway, overhead road, trestlework
имя существительное
a low flight by one or more aircraft over a specific location.
there were artillery platforms in the hills, making a flyover too risky
an overpass.
Mr Moffatt said the ultimate aim was to build a completely segregated crossing and flyover at Bilbrough, and construction was planned to start in 2003, subject to the availability of funds.
denoting central regions of the US regarded as less significant than the East or West coasts.
his appeal extends way beyond the Bible Belt and the flyover states
As Senator Mary Landrieu's helicopter was taking off for a flyover of the devastation, she watched as a group of people smashed a window at a gas station store and jumped in.
We reported that the order imposed to close the four gaps was merely temporary, and that the Highways Agency was planning to open them up once the new £11 million flyover was in use.
The Highways Agency revealed today that a public inquiry is likely into its proposed £3.9 million flyover at Bilbrough Top, between York and Tadcaster.
And Naval fighter jets cap the pre-race festivities with a tight-formation flyover .
We all missed Bush throwing out the first pitch, though we did see his helicopter come and go, not to mention the thunderous F - 16 flyover .
Water logging around the flyover 's rusted pillars is routine during the rains.
Although Mr Boynes would love to be part of the flyover , he considers his attendance on the ground just as important.
She told officers that she feared for the children's lives because their father had said he would drive his truck off Tilbury Docks or Pitsea flyover with the youngsters inside.
There was a wet winch demonstration as well as a historic flight Iroquois helicopter lake flyover and static display.
But critics of this bold horticultural experiment have compared the results with everything from an unfinished Italian motorway flyover to the business end of a broom.