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flyleaf / форзац, чистый лист в конце книги, чистый лист в начале книги
имя существительное
flyleaf, endpaper
чистый лист в конце книги
чистый лист в начале книги
имя существительное
a blank page at the beginning or end of a book.
This begins to explain why, on the flyleaves of many books by internationally known Caribbean authors, it is not uncommon to find a dedication to Henry Swanzy.
In his will, Michele d' Alessio stipulated that any unbound volumes should be bound, and that each book should be annotated on its flyleaf with his name as donor.
The copy was presented by the author to Claudio Gremese, a witness in this case, on 27 April 1992, shortly before the priority date of the patent, and its flyleaf is inscribed accordingly…
You may find on the flyleaf the signature of ‘Col X’ with the date, ‘2 Nov 1933’.
You may be tempted to steal a glance inside the flyleaf of the book jacket and study the black-and-white photograph of the writer.
My daughter Debbie gave me Bridget Jones' Diary, and she wrote on the flyleaf , ‘I'm so glad you're not like Bridget Jones's mother’.
Again, even before the title page and immediately following the flyleaf , there is a list of ‘Style and usage labels’.
Yet the flyleaf describes this book as a ‘haunting memoir [that] weaves together the life of a mother and daughter caught in the web of that mother's ambition.’
Readers writing in books usually takes the form of notes in the side margins of a book, though there are those who will scribble on the flyleaf or fill up the endpapers.
When he peeked inside at the flyleaf he saw the simpering face, the tuft of copper hair that screamed ‘Tintin ‘, the shifty eyes that looked out through a pair of tortoise-shell glasses.’
Can you be sure that there isn't a fond inscription written inside the flyleaf of the book your aunt gave you last December, which you are now palming off on your friend?