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flying / летающий, летательный, летный
имя прилагательное
flying, volant
flying, flyable, navigable
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
moving or able to move through the air with wings.
a flying ant
имя существительное
flight, especially in an aircraft.
she hates flying
(of a bird or other winged creature) move through the air under control.
close the door or the moths will fly in
move or be hurled quickly through the air.
balls kept flying over her hedge
(especially of hair) wave or flutter in the wind.
they were running, hair flying everywhere
flee; run away.
those that fly may fight again
be successful.
that idea didn't fly with most other council members
Mr Geoffrey John paid a flying visit to Orkney to find out more about the county's food and drink businesses and went away ‘tremendously impressed’ by what he saw.
This will be the first helicopter and Vietnam-era aircraft to join our flying fleet.
Having put her portrait skills at the disposal of 70 tourists, Una, who studied at Limerick College of Art, paid a flying visit to Killarney.
This also includes such environments as deep sea diving, solo flying , and Antarctic overwintering.
Cardholders will get free entry to certain sports clubs and discounts on activities such as ultralight flying , diving and climbing expeditions.
She launched herself in a flying tackle at Ian's midriff, knocking the wind out of him and sending the two to the ground.
There is an air field at the campus as well, started for military training and flying during World War II.
They escaped with minor injuries, thought to have been caused by flying glass.
We've been talking about specific phobias, such as the fear of flying , heights or animals.
It's no secret that one way to keep the hourly cost of flying under control is to own the airplane you fly.