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flyer / листовка, летчик, маховик
имя существительное
leaflet, flyer, broadsheet, flier, follicle, leaf
pilot, flyer, airman, aviator, flier, flyboy
flywheel, flyer, flier
имя прилагательное
stylish and fashionable.
they were wearin' fly clothes
knowing and clever; worldly-wise.
she's fly enough not to get done out of it
his free kick was a real flyer
Marjorie is a frequent flyer ; she works for the airlines, in management.
The announcement flyer from that event is reprinted in this issue of CNN.
They've got pace out wide with Eric Andrews, a real flyer , and a strong pack led by Tim Street, who's done it all.
Movie mogul Cecil B. de Mille never designed aircraft; flyer Charles Lindhberg did not make movies.
An avid flyer , Dunn liked to call the aircraft his ‘Flying Jeep.’
An amateur flyer had an amazing escape when his microlight aircraft hit a power cable and plunged into a field.
Yes, he was a noted flyer for the aircraft corporation.
The other, which has a 3.2-litre V6 developing 211 bhp, is a real flyer .
Not until the 24th year of my service as a flyer was I assigned to an aircraft - the AC - 130-that had any lethal weapons at all.