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fly-drive / летать-диск
имя прилагательное
denoting a package vacation that includes a flight and car rental at the destination.
Good fly-drive packages are a popular option.
имя существительное
a vacation that includes a flight and car rental.
Students are left untaught for half the year so they can attend harvests, pilgrimages and religious festivals (refashioned as pubs, fly-drives and raves).
Thanks to budget flights, campers can now leave their car at home and let the plane take the strain, with the fly-drive option proving attractive for those wanting to travel as far as the Mediterranean.
As part of his prize James has won a fly-drive trip to the USA and to show his thanks he is taking Aileen with him.
The company has also introduced some innovative ideas, including apartment holidays, riding packages, fly-drive breaks and tailor-made itineraries.
In fact, as my girlfriend and I stepped out of our deserted off-season hotel to start the second day of a fly-drive holiday we were blissfully ignorant of the drama close by.
They are becoming increasingly popular with fly-drive Brits anxious to get under the skin of ‘real’ Spain away from the densely populated Costa del Sol.
It will help to salvage some US fly-drive business.
A fly-drive with three kids, including a less than malleable 11-year-old, didn't promise a relaxing holiday.
A couple of years later, he returned with a friend on a fly-drive visit.
Ah yes, it fair sets the heart a-pumping just thinking about the personal fly-drive option.
Good fly-drive packages are a popular option.