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fly-by-wire / передавать по проводной системе
имя существительное
a semiautomatic and typically computer-regulated system for controlling the flight of an aircraft or spacecraft.
sophisticated fly-by-wire technology
The F - 22, for example, was heavily dependent on fly-by-wire technology, which, at the time the system began its development, was not mature.
We have the normal flight control that the safety pilot and the instructor flies, and we also have the experimental or the fly-by-wire set of flight controls.
Can a mobile phone really cause a fly-by-wire computer-controlled aircraft to fall out of the sky?
It will be fitted with a fly-by-wire flight control system developed for the Airbus range of civil airliners.
There's no electronics, no traction control, no fly-by-wire throttles.
The industry is only a generation of cars away from fuel cells, mass fitment of on-board computer screens, and aircraft fly-by-wire technology.
However, the manufacturers have a valid point in that we are quite happy to unthinkingly travel in fly-by-wire aircraft.
Control of the fuel injection is through the engine control unit and a fly-by-wire throttle position sensor.
Next to fly-by-wire technology, and a hybrid engine, it's difficult to image how they can improve the next that constitutes a great leap forward.
The automotive equivalent of aircraft fly-by-wire comes to cars.